Long nose rhinoplasty:

When a nose is too long, the only solution is to shorten its projection by acting on the cartilage of the tip which are reduced.

Wide nose rhinoplasty:

A nose can be wide in its bony component therefore the bone is reduced with astral fractures called osteotomies.

If, on the other hand, it is wide in the cartilage component of the tip, a reduction of the alar cartilages and medial crus is carried out.

If it is wide in the nostril, in this case we proceed to a plastic of the nostrils which are reduced.

Potato nose rhinoplasty:

A “potato” nose is defined as a particularly wide nose at the tip.

This may be due to:

  • to very thick or sebaceous skin
  • to a hypertrophy of the cartilages

In the first case, the tip can be “degreased” during surgery; in the second case we proceed to a reduction of the cartilage of the tip.

Big nose rhinoplasty:

A nose can be big :

  • in its bone component (hypertrophy of the nasal pyramid)
  • in its cartilage component
  • or in both cases.

The bone component is reduced by gibbotomy and osteotomies, while a septoplasty is required to correct the rectal component .

Crooked nose rhinoplasty:

A nose can be crooked from birth or as a result of trauma. A deviated nose presents many functional issues that need to be corrected:

  • The nasal bone and the cartilaginous septum must be put back on axis.
  • The turbinates, which are asymmetrical in case of deviation, must be aligned

Humped nose rhinoplasty:

Hump is defined as hypertrophy of the nasal pyramid that can be corrected with a rhinoplasty operation by using a rasp to obtain a gibbotomy.

Rhinoplasty: duration of the operation and the period of convalescence

The surgery lasts from 1 to 2 hours , the plaster is removed after 7 days while the Carthusians to contain the swellings after about 10 days.

In the first few days, bruises may appear under the eyes. After two weeks the nose is perfectly healed but it must be taken into account that, in its external part, it could take up to a year to settle down definitively.

Rhinoplasty after how long the nose deflates

The nose deflates day by day from the first month up to a year. As already mentioned, in some cases to find the final setting , such as that obtained in the operating room, it can take up to 12 months but obviously it is subjective from patient to patient.